Our products

We build the quality of our products from the selection of seeds. In this way we ensure that the finished products have the organoleptic characteristics that we are looking for. More than 80% of Radicchio Venezia’s products are grown by the company, maintaining quality and control of the production chain.

Each year, between the end of July and August, we transplant the young seedlings that will continue to grow until the end of September when harvest time begins and lasts until the end of February.

The products, packaged as requested by the customers, are then distributed in Italy and Europe using companies which specialize in the transport of perishable goods.


All the products are packaged at the request of the customer who can request specific requirements:

The most suitable type

of packaging between plastic, polypropylene or polystyrene cases, trays, single-packs.

The pieces

The varieties

to be included in one package