Agricola Valverde

The roots of the Valverde farm lie in the experience of three generations of farmers.

Raised with a love for the land and a passion for agriculture, in the early 1990s, Stefano Queruli followed in the footsteps of the family by setting up his own company and specializing in the cultivation of the main types of radicchio.

The “Radicchio Venezia” brand with which the company’s products are marketed is a tribute to the Veneto, the main area of radicchio cultivation in Italy.
The entire production process of seed selection, production, collection, packaging and storage is supervised to guarantee absolute and recognized quality products.


We are members of the Red Radicchio of Treviso IGP and the Variegated Radicchio of Castelfranco IGP Consortium of producers.
By completing the Global GAP certification (General Regulations Integrated Farm Assurance), we certify that our products are consumer safe, traceable, environmentally friendly and that we care about the health and safety of our employees in the work environment.

Sensitive to the subject of good agricultural practices, we have also voluntarily adhered to the supplementary GRASP module.