• Precious winter flowers

    They conquer the palate with their sweet bitterness

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  • Variegated Radicchio

    Cream-coloured leaves with varying shades of colour (from purple, red-purple to bright red) uniformly distributed throughout the foliage

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  • Pink Radicchio

    Leaves of a delicate and characteristic pink colour, with variations from bright pink to creamy pink

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  • Long Red Radicchio

    Intense red with leaves characterized by a well-defined central white rib which splits into many small veins

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  • Round Red Radicchio

    Brilliant red with a very bright and a very developed main rib

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  • Radicchio Flower

    It blossoms like a rose after twenty days maturing in special tanks fed with running water

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  • Half Long Red Radicchio

    Deep red

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  • Red Radicchio Late Variety

    Deep wine red with white dorsal ribs and barely visible secondary ribs

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The roots of the Valverde farm lie in the experience of three generations of farmers.

The “Radicchio Venezia” brand with which the company’s products are marketed is a tribute to the Veneto, the main area of radicchio cultivation in Italy.


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